Think! – Never Too Good

It would surprise you how many people think about seeking advanced training but have been reluctant to take it any further thinking it is a dark art, shrouded in secrecy.  Nothing could be further from the truth though and whilst it is a serious business as a group we fully realise that motorcyclists, on the whole, ride for fun and we strive to make it an enjoyable experience, giving you additional skills and an added enjoyment of riding.  A few years ago,  the UK Government, through their Think! campaign produced a series  of short videos featuring actor and comedian Alan Davies and bike racer Chaz Davies, following them on their advanced riding journey.  You can find these videos in our video section HERE.   They give a great insight into the benefits of advanced training and show how practical and dare we say enjoyable the training is.   If you are thinking of what your next step should be to make you a safe and happier rider have a look at the films and  get in touch with us by clickingHERE and have a discussion about what your next move should be