Tuition and Group activities are intended to be constructive, informative and enjoyable for all members. If a group member has a concern or a complaint about another group member, tutor or a group activity they are encouraged to raise the matter with any member of the Committee for assistance or guidance. If the matter cannot be suitably resolved informally, the Committee will seek full details of the incident and conduct an investigation to identify what action needs to be taken in accordance with the Disputes and Resolution procedure below.

Any Group Member or other affected party can complain in writing directly to the Group Committee and have their complaint considered fairly and objectively and within a reasonable timescale. If it is found that a Group Member or Tutor has acted in contravention of the Group’s policies, the Committee must take action to:

  • Provide a full and frank explanation to the complainant within a reasonable timescale.
  • Identify any lessons to be learned and amend / change policies if appropriate.
  • Consider what action to take against the Group Member or Tutor where a complaint is upheld.

In disputes involving a Group Tutor, where, in the opinion of RoSPA, a Group has not taken appropriate action in response to a complaint, RoSPA retains the right to remove the RoSPA membership or qualification of any Group Tutor who breaches a Group code of conduct and/or tutoring requirements and/or acts inappropriately. In such situations, RoSPA will provide the Group and the Group Tutor with a full and frank explanation of its concerns and time to implement appropriate remedial measures before taking action, such as removing the membership or qualification of any Tutor.