Membership of the group is open to anyone over the age of 18 who holds a full UK driving/riding licence and although taking the test is not a prerequisite to membership of the Group, every encouragement is given to do so. Young drivers and motorcyclists are particularly welcome.

Every effort is made to take cognisance of the individual, their needs, abilities and experience. No one is ever consciously made to feel pressured after all, advanced driving/riding is about enjoyment, skill and safety; its not about speed and stress!

Subscription to the Group is as follows:

  • New members – £30
    Regardless of age, new members will pay a first-year subscription of £30 and will include them receiving copies of Roadcraft and the Highway Code on joining, so they are equipped with the correct materials to undertake their training and prepare for the advanced test.
  • Membership Renewal (untested) – £20
  • Membership Renewal (tested & with current RoSPA membership) – £10
  • Membership Renewal (age 65 and over) – £5 (regardless of test status)

The financial administration of the group during the renewal period is quite heavy and it’s very time consuming, collecting, chasing and collating all the fees due. For that reason, we would prefer if you would consider paying your membership fees by direct debit or standing order.  This would reduce the burden on us, the committee, but also in future years on you as your fee would be paid automatically without you having to remember.

Please also consider completing the Gift Aid form.  If you are a UK taxpayer, as a registered Charity the Group can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your subscription – at no extra cost to you.   If you have already completed a Gift Aid form in a previous year, this remains in force until you rescind it.

Application form :- An application form can be printed off this site which, once completed and signed together with the subscription fee may be either returned by post or brought along at a regular monthly Group meeting.  Whichever way you decide, as soon as it has been received, someone will be in touch to arrange your initial assessment.

New Membership Application Form  –  MS Word or PDF