East Kilbride RoADAR update Feb 2021
Following the recent government announcement it is unlikely that we will be able to resume tutoring or testing for cars or bikes for some time yet.   In fact, on the basis of the First Ministers statement it is unlikely any activity will be possible until mid to late May at the earliest.   The committee is keeping an eye on developments and will keep you updated.  

In the meantime, anyone who receives an automatic retest notification should still book through the online portal to ensure you can retain your last test result, and so that your retest can be booked as soon as it is safe to do so.

Update Nov 2020
Communication from RoSPA HQ
Dear Chairman and Secretaries

In light of the announcement about a nationwide lockdown in England, and subsequent announcement from the DVSA about the postponement of driver and rider tests, our guidance is as follows:

  • All members in England who have tests booked between Thursday, November 5 and Wednesday, December 2 will have their tests postponed, and an examiner will be in touch to rearrange. Please note, if lockdown is extended in England beyond this date, then tests within that extended period will also be postponed accordingly
  • Any members that receive a retest notification during November should still book their test, and an examiner will be in touch in due course to arrange a date for after lockdown has finished
  • All tutoring, ride-outs and group events in England should be postponed or cancelled (unless taking place online)
  • Groups, examiners and members in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland should continue to monitor and follow their local restrictions. Groups in Wales and Scotland should not travel into England from Thursday, November 5 until the national lockdown is lifted.

Thank you so much for your support and co-operation through this ever-changing COVID situation.

Please note, as ever we are experiencing a large volume of queries from our advanced driver and rider network, if you do have any queries they may not be answered immediately

Best wishes


Amy Brant

Head of Driver Training

T: +44 (0)7880 785 056

E: abrant@rospa.com


You will all be aware that today sees the reintroduction, by The Scottish Government,  of stricter controls around movement and social gatherings in relation to the spread of Covid 19.  The so-called rule of six is being introduced, limiting contact to six people, both indoors and outside, but also restricting that number across two households. This also applies to venues such as cafes, pubs, restaurants etc. 

The group received guidance from RoSPA HQ 11/9/2020 which is shown below.  Although these don’t directly impact on motorcycle training there will be some  knock on effects for example sessions will be restricted to a tutor and member and any shadowing that may have previously taken place will currently not  be possible.  Pre test checks with an alternative tutor will still occur but again there will be no shadowing by a third person.   Tutor Quality Assurance will be postponed until next year. 

Group social activity, meetings and committee meetings remain suspended in line with government guidelines. Some members may have signed up to the previously circulated winter riding group to receive notification of social rides .   For clarity, these are not RoSPA or East Kilbride RoADAR activities. Obviously it is a matter for individuals as to how they decide to utilise their personal time but in line with the content of the RoSPA guidelines I would ask, if you do decide to meet others for social activity, that you do not wear any group branded merchandise such as T shirts, sweatshirts, Tutor vests etc. 
Stay safe 

Message From Amy Brant Head of Driver Training
Group ride-outs

Following the Westminster and Scottish Government announcements about the “rule of six” for meeting people outside of your household in England and Scotland, we’ve updated RoSPA’s guidance regarding group ride-outs as follows.

Unfortunately, all ride-outs starting or passing through England must be limited to six people. All ride-outs starting or passing through Scotland must be limited to six people from two different households maximum. There are no exemptions under the Government guidelines for activities such as ride-outs, so you will be risking a fine if you ride in groups of more than six, and subsequent action in line with group constitutions with regards to reputational risk.

This also applies to any locations/stops visited during ride-outs (such as cafes): you must not meet with another group of RoSPA members at such locations, if that number would then exceed six people. 

Please also keep an eye out for any local restrictions that may be in force on any planned route, and change plans accordingly.


  • In Northern Ireland, the maximum number of people allowed to meet outside is 15
  • In Wales, the maximum number of people allowed to meet outside is 30
  • In the Republic of Ireland, the maximum number of people allowed to meet outside is 15.

 Many thanks,


Amy Brant

Head of Driver Training


RoSPA HQ has today confirmed that Groups can restart car tuition provided both tutor and Associate are happy to do so

Car tutoring/testing 

We are happy to say that tutoring and testing can resume in every country, including Republic of Ireland, where tutors and examiners feel comfortable and happy to do so, and where it is safe within COVID-19 arrangements.

I want to stress that if any candidate, tutor or examiner feels unsafe to get in the car with someone else, then they should not do so – this is a decision that we fully support.

The recent change in Scottish Government advice and the movement to stage 2 & 3 allowed us to recommence motorcycle training from the 3 July.

All tuition is now undertaken with due regard to social distancing and other requirements. Most importantly it only takes place subject to the agreement of tutor and associate alike.

The tutor team have already been out and about with associates and are keen to make the most of what training opportunities we have left this year. Undoubtedly there will be some challenges but none that hopefully cannot be dealt with.

The best of luck to all those who are once more working hard towards their test.

With the green light from the Scottish Government lifting travel restrictions as of 3 July, RoSPA HQ have authorised training to restart from that date. The full text of the RoSPA HQ announcement is below. East Kilbride RoADAR is now preparing to resume motorcycle training activities with priority being given to those who were in training and approaching their test or retest prior to the lock down.

Restart of car tutoring and testing in England
After the Government’s announcement yesterday about the restart of driving tests, we’re delighted to say that advanced driver tutoring and testing can also restart from Saturday, July 4. Please note, in line with the guidance from each nation’s government, this is in England only at this stage.

We’re keen to stress however that this should only take place where all parties are happy to do so and it is safe within COVID-19 arrangements. If any candidate, tutor or examiner feels unsafe to get in the car with someone else, then they should not do so. Ultimately, it is down to each group and individual to decide whether they should start again from July 4 onwards, and we strongly recommend that each group consults with members before deciding whether or not to restart. We also advise that group meetings continue to be held remotely as much as possible.

As and when more information emerges from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, we will update those groups accordingly.

Guidance and risk assessment

To help you restart, we’ll share the DVSA/Government guidance as soon as it’s available, as the standards outlined in this must be implemented. We also suggest that every group and examiner conduct their own risk assessments for the group and each tutor learner. Please contact us if you need assistance with conducting the assessment or process to follow.

Motorcycling in Scotland and Wales

We’re also pleased to say that, with the easing of travel distance restrictions in Scotland on Friday July 3, and in Wales from Monday July 6, motorcycle groups in those countries can also restart testing and ride-outs, in accordance with those countries’ social distancing guidelines.

As ever, thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding. Please remember that we are still running a reduced staff at RoSPA HQ, so we may not be able to answer queries straight away. We will endeavour to update the FAQ section of the website as soon as possible, so please keep checking back there.

Kind Regards


Amy Brant

Head of Driver Training

T: +44 (0)7880 785 056

E: abrant@rospa.com


At the beginning of last week guidance was issued by RoSPA HQ to the effect that motorcycle tuition could continue amid the restrictions being put in place concerning the current Coronavirus crisis.

Whilst, at the moment, that guidance remains current it is clear that the situation has moved on quickly and significantly since it was issued and in light of recent decisions to close schools, pubs, clubs, cafes, etc., coupled with the continuing message about social distancing and increased risk of social contact, it was clear that, as a group, we should reconsider our position in relation to bike training.

The committee have now agreed that the provision of bike training should now cease, with immediate effect.

The reasons for this decision are hopefully self evident to all. 

I appreciate that this may come as a disappointment to those undergoing training , especially those who have only recently joined the group but I would hope that you understand the reasoning behind the decision and support it.

As a group we will, of course, continue to monitor the situation and review the it, as appropriate, but it is unlikely that there will be any change until the Government indicate that it is an appropriate time  to do so.

We will obviously update everyone as soon as the situation allows training to restart.

Colin Blackley
Motorcycle Training Officer

I am sure you have all been closely watching developments regarding the steps required of all of us to stay healthy and avoid the spread of the Coronavirus.   Yesterday we received the undernoted email from RoSPA HQ.     They are advising us of actions being taken, in the light of the Government announcements connected to the Coved 19/Coronavirus, and how this effects RoADAR groups.

Unfortunately, all  East Kilbride RoADAR group activities and car tutoring are suspended until further notice.  At this stage, RoSPA HQ are satisfied that motorcycle one to one tutoring can continue  provided social distancing etc is adhered to.  Therefore, motorcycle tutors and associates can still carry on but that this is very much a personal decision between the tutor and associate.  Please bear in mind that although it is possible for some motorcycle tutors to continue giving sessions, the personal circumstances of individuals may be that they are unable to do so.     Clearly, if the advice from RoSPA HQ changes we will let you know.

Wide of official EK RoADAR activities, some members, particularly bike section members, will no doubt still wish to get out for social rides.  However, they should be mindful of the social distancing requirements and other government recommendations.

Drew McCabe

Dear Chairman and Secretary 

Many thanks for your continued support during the evolving coronavirus situation. We’re watching the latest developments and are keen to keep in close contact with our RoADAR network. 

Given the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, during this week we will be working towards ensuring all RoSPA staff can work from home. This will not affect contact with the teams and you shall be able to call in and email as normal. 

Given the current advice we now recommend that groups do not meet and that car tutoring is postponed until after May; we will of course re-evaluate this date if and when Government advice changes. 

Those that still wish to continue with motorcycle tutoring can do so, and motorcycle tests will be continuing as normal while ensuring that social distancing is carried out when meeting in person prior to riding.

Best regards


Amy Brant
Head of Driver Training
T: +44 (0)7880 785 056
E: abrant@rospa.com