As we emerge from lockdown and start to resume training activity we are receiving more enquiries from prospective members seeking training.   Obviously our first priority is to those who were due to test, or are overdue re-test, but were prevented from doing so due to the Covid restrictions.  After that, we are allocation existing members who were in the queue awaiting a tutor.  Some will progress to test quicker than others, so it is a fluid situation.   We will always try and allocate new members as quickly as possible, but if you are thinking of joining the group to undertake training, we would suggest contacting us by email in the first instance before sending in a membership application.  By doing so, we can at least give you some idea of our status and allow you to decide your best course of action.     You are, of course, still welcome to join us and go on the waiting list and participate in other activities. 

COVID update April 2021
Scottish Government regulations were relaxed on Friday 16 April 2021 effectively lifting the travel ban put in place in response to the pandemic and allowing travel across Scotland. How does this affect the group?

Motorcycle Training
The relaxation allows for the resumption of motorcycle training and testing with effect of 26 April. Those who already had tests booked prior to the cessation of testing last year will be contacted by their allocated examiner to make mutually convenient arrangements to progress the test.

Those undergoing training will be contacted by their allocated tutor around 26 April to make arrangements to kick start their training.

Anyone who has any concerns about their return to training should contact the Motorcycle Training Officer by email at

In the meantime, if you haven’t ridden for a while, please take extra care. Not only will you be undoubtedly rusty but other road users might not be used to seeing bikes back on the road.

Car Training
Resumption of car training will be, if mutually agreed, from 26th April with all previous Covid measures regarding risk assessment procedure, masks and vehicle cleansing. RoSPA aren’t expected to commence testing until the 6th May which is in line with DVSA. However, as stated, test dates must be mutually agreed by both parties. For members who receive a test notice from RoSPA HQ by email over the next few months, contact Callum Miller or Allan Mauchline as soon as possible to discuss training timescales.