As we emerge from lockdown as of May 2021 and start to resume training activity we are receiving more enquiries from prospective members seeking training.   Obviously our first priority is to those who were due to test, or are overdue re-test, but were prevented from doing so due to the Covid restrictions.  After that, we are allocation existing members who were in the queue awaiting a tutor.  Some will progress to test quicker than others, so it is a fluid situation.   We will always try and allocate new members as quickly as possible, but if you are thinking of joining the group to undertake training, we would suggest contacting us by email in the first instance before sending in a membership application.  By doing so, we can at least give you some idea of our status and allow you to decide your best course of action.     You are, of course, still welcome to join us and go on the waiting list and participate in other activities.

To successfully pass the initial test with a high-grade without tuition or preparation will, for the majority of drivers/riders be impracticable.To this end the Group offers both advanced driving and motorcycling tuition, which is provided free to all Group members on a one-on-one basis, to help members achieve their true potential. It is not unusual for between 12–20 lessons to be given before members feel confident enough to apply for their test, however more will be provided if needed.

Tuition is based on the police system of car/bike control as contained in Roadcraft, The Essential Police Driver’s/Rider’s Handbooks, which are both available from all good book stores.

A good working knowledge of The Highway Code is also a prerequisite.

The DfT publication ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’ is also worthy of study as is The Official Driving Standards Agency Essential Driving Manual and Essential Motorcycling Manual.