The RoADAR advanced driving and riding tests are regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging tests available to the general motoring public. The tests are graded Gold, Silver and Bronze to reflect the level of skill shown by the driver/rider on the day. There is also a Diploma certificate for trainers.

Tests are conducted by serving/retired Police Class 1 advanced drivers/riders; regarded as amongst the most highly skilled drivers/riders in the country. Many examiners are or were also police advanced driving/riding examiners/instructors.

Each test lasts for about ninety minutes and can be taken Monday-Saturday (excluding public holidays) from a mutually convenient location, which can be near to your home or work and using your own vehicle. The test will take in town and country driving/riding and if convenient, motorway or multi-lane roads will also be used. During the test the examiner will look at how you obtain information about what’s happening around you, what you do with that information, the smoothness with which you use the controls and your driving/riding performance.

The test concludes with a verbal question-and-answer session to assess your knowledge of Roadcraft, The Essential Police Driver’s/Rider’s Handbook, The Highway Code and also of basic vehicle mechanics the likes of which can be found in any vehicle owner’s handbook.

The examiner will then discuss the test in detail and give the grade achieved. A more comprehensive written report and certificate of the grade achieved will be sent on to you later.

The RoADAR test must be retaken every three years to ensure that the qualification carries real worth both to the holder and other road users.

Initial advanced tests vary depending on the category of vehicle, but currently the car test is £67 (£62 if 25 or under) and the motorcycle test £73 (£68 if 25 or under). On successfully passing the test, annual subscription to the RoADAR is £40.00.  Triennial retests are free of charge provided annual membership to RoSPA is maintained.

Monitored and approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), the RoADAR test carries not only accreditation but is unique.

All RoADAR grades and Diplomas are recognised BTEC qualifications.

As well as motorcars and motorcycles, RoADAR tests are also available on scooters, Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) and buses (PCV) including mini-busses.